Monday, January 5, 2009

Supra Black and Gold Suede, Ato Matsumoto's

As promised here are pics of my Supra's the black and gold suede.

Pics of my Ato Matsumoto's, straight from japan

Pics of the paperwork that comes with them. If you ever buy a pair, please don't do so from Ebay.. If you see them for under $350, they're fakes.... Even Distributors can't buy them at wholesale for less than $300.. (I know dudes that live in China, Japan, and Taiwan that have confirmed this) ...and everything should be in Japanese..

Red tag will say 29,000 yen.. which is roughly $311 bucks...


  1. You're a sneaker freak. I saw Supra and I went car crazy. Do they even make the Supra anymore? I used to love that car.

  2. **GASP**.. will u marry me?! j/k, you're the first female I have ever heard say that about my dream car.. Nah, they stopped making them in 1996, but they command a price tag way above what they originally sold for when they first came out.. crazy right? thanks for the idea, I'm gonna do a post on that car!!

  3. You are married to your sneakers CH. AAHAHAHAHA!! Waiting for that Supra the CAR post...

    Wait... the house, Bejeweled and now Supra... I dunno we might.................................................