Saturday, January 3, 2009

Fake Jeans

Fake Jeans Guidelines

***To buy red monkey jeans at wholesale price (as authorized dealers do, and many sellers of fake jeans claim to), you MUST have an account with the company. In order to keep that account, you must purchase a certain amount every so often. The wholesale price of these jeans still isn't cheap-it is usually above $150- so if someone is selling them for less than that, then they are fake.


1. ALL Red Monkey jeans have double stitched inseams...if you see a pair that does not-they are fake, period.

2. Red monkey jeans DO have frayed back pockets-HOWEVER-they are not frayed to the point that there are strings hanging from the pockets.

3. Red Monkey jeans ALWAYS come in a wooden box...NEVER in a bag, or anything of that nature...this is one of the most common giveaways of a fake...the box is a light wood and the RMC logo is burned into it...

4. The tags of red monkey jeans are black, with black writing...I have seen black tags with red writing-fakes-and I have even seen white tags-also fake...

5. ***RED MONKEY JEANS DO NOT COME IN SHORTS*** some people insist that they do because they paid $400 for paid $400 for a fake...sorry...the company DOES NOT make shorts-end of story...besides, red monkey jeans usually retail above $500...they also do NOT make shirts of any kind...


1. Although Evisu does make shorts...they do NOT make shorts with the paint that runs down the legs (the paint that appears as a large "M" on the back)...

2. All Evisu jeans have double stitched inseams also...

3. The buttons of Evisu jeans all say evisu...they NEVER have the china man that you sometimes see on the fakes...also, every one of the small buttons in the corners of the pockets says "evisu" on them (on the outside of the jean AND the inside...

4. Evisu jeans have TWO is the tag that is attached to the right rear pocket...the other is on the waist on the back left side of the jean...the tag says "Evisu Genes" and it has a picture of a man painting the evisu logo on a pair of jeans...also on that tag (on the inside of the jean) there are some pointers on how to spot fake evisu jeans...

5. All evisu jeans spell the word "jeans" as "Genes"


  1. Ok, you only been on here a min and you got a guard on your content. DAMMMMMMMMMMMN. Anyhow, if I ever buy any of these items, I sure know where to come for authenticity. First, I have to get the ends to pronounce the name much less own them. (laughs)

  2. lol, wow you are a mess but this is good to know because if i ever had to buy these for my man i would know better...

    thanks for the heads up!

  3. maybe i need to boot leg some jeans lol have a blessed new york

  4. On #4 of the Evisu... that's a huge as tag with all that on it. I see why they are so expensive. :p

  5. Beware of the people coming into your local barber shops and hair salons trying to sell you these name brand jeans for $50. Even though they're known as the neighborhood booster, more than likely they've come from Canal.

  6. You are a trip!!!

    But thanks for the heads up!!!:)