Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Like we were in fifth grade... Let Me Get a Do Over !!

What if you had a magical "do-over" button that you can press in those situations where the outcome lead to you wanting to kick yourself in the ass?..
Would you use it?..
I know there's been a point in time where all of us had an epiphany and said "damn ! I wish I hadn't acted that way!" Or, "wow I wish I would've taken that approach." Would you press that magical button that would rewind the hands of time and give you a second chance to do whatever it was,"the right way"?
The other night I sat and thought about it to myself. I said, "shit ! , I should've acted differenly, I wish I had a magical do over button."
But in retrospect the experience did teach me a lot about myself. It turned on a light in my brain in the section that had been pretty dark, and made me think that if something or some situation didn't go as planned maybe it wasn't meant to be.
If it wasn't meant to be, and if I did have a magical do over button to press and pressed it, the outcome probably would not change.
Do you believe in fate?
Do we have control over what is or isn't meant to be?
The older I get the less control I seem to have over the inevitable. I can't literally force a doctor to use my products, I can't literally force a girl to like me a certain way.
I'm learning more and more to just be who I am and let things fall into place.
Take care of my responsibilities, be who I am, and let things fall into place!
That's a hard thing to do for many of us because it leaves you vulnerable. It takes control out of your hands and puts it in this intangible belief in "whatever happens....happens", and happens for "a reason"...
I used to think that idea fuckin sucked, but I am beggining to see that maybe everything does happen for a reason.
Maybe I'm suppossed to work harder for that sale, Maybe that girl I want to be feeling me isn't really feeling me right now so I could be alone and reflect on life with no distractions...

Reflect on Life..
What Do you think?


  1. You can't change your destiny..It HAS already been mapped out for you. What you CAN change is the path you take to get there.

  2. God always has a way of working in our best favor even if at the time we don't see it that way

    I try to keep the aforementioned statement in my mind to avoid being pissed off or feeling some type of way about the hand that fate dealt me

  3. People sometimes say everything happens for a reason but personally if I had a do-over button, I would abuse that shit. lol

  4. Yes, there are plenty of times that I wish I had that "do over" button, rewind or even fast forward, but I am definitely a believer of things happen for a reason as cliche as it may be. Our destiny is just that...destiny. Embrace it!

  5. I didn't see this one til today and the only thing that hit my mind was Obama's "do over". Isn't that crazy that just to be sure that people would say he didn't REALLY take the oath that he did it over again? I am ever so glad he did.

    As for the post... I beleive life happens as it should (God's plan) and if I had a do over button I might mess shyt up hitting it several times for one damn incident. Sad...