Monday, January 12, 2009

Fcuk It.. (explicit)..

Damn I fuckin hate you. Fuck You Yo !..

Fuck your beautiful face that lured me.

Fuck your personality that got me stuck.

Fuck your sexy ass body that stays on my mind all the time..

Fuck the phone you use to call me 25 fuckin times in a row when I'm in the fuckin shower....

Fuck the letters on your dumbass querty keyboard you type whenever you want to text me a hundred million goddamn times!

Fuck your bluetooth!

Fuck your car!

Fuck your leave in conditioner you have to put in your hair every goddamn muthafuckin morning.

Fuck your whitening toothpaste you choose to brush your teeth with...

Nah fuck that! Fuck your fuckin dentist for cleaning your fuckin teeth every couple of fuckin months! That fuckin traitor..!

Fuck your parents for making you! Yea, I said it, so the fuck what... Fuck em! They don't like me because of where I'm from anyway!.. Fuckin stuck up pair of fucks!

Fuck your siblings for being fuckin related to you so closely!

Fuck the bed you sleep on, with all your comfortable ass comforters and shit... Yea ! I know they're jus fuckin sheets... So what !! Fuck em!!

Fuck the clothes you wear! Yep, fuck em!

Fuck your stupid ass shoes you wear on your bigass stupid ass fuckin feet! Yea! I think your feet are fuckin big, I never told you that! So ha! Fuck them fuckin banana boats !..

And fuck your fuckin face.... again ! Fuck it again!! No ! I don't want to actually fuck your face, I'm saying FUCK YOUR FACE! I want to throw a fuckin creme pie in it everytime I envision it in my fuckin mind.!!

I want to..... fuckin... Fuckin.... Say " MAKE UP!!!! " and hit you with a fuckin powder puff with a whole bunch of fuckin powder on it!.. And leave you standing there all white and shit.. with fuckin powder all over your goddam face!

And last but certainly not muthafuckin least.......

Fuck YOU.... You as in your whole mutha .......


Being .....

Fuck your piece of shit being that makes up YOU... you trifling ass cheatin ass lyin piece of slut shit..

Fuck off and go fuck yourself.....

Sigh..... I feel better now... ....


  1. damn,juss fuck EVERYTHING,this is the most dopest shit Ive read all week for real.

    FUCK HER!!

  2. WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOW!! I'm not sure what brought that on BUT... if you feel better then very very very very good for you. I know that attitude all too well and it's good to release it however we can AS LONG as it does not physical nor mentally harm someone else.

    So are you still there CH?

    PS - that chick is white isn't she?? Sorry, I'm trying to add some humor here.. but fareal is she?? All that damn conditioner. (laughs)

  3. Ha!.. nah thats how I felt at one point earlier this year during my past situation.. lol.. nah she wasn't white..

  4. WOW!!! Years ago I wrote a similar letter like this post to an ex of mine....

  5. damn i feel that...
    that hit home

  6. Well CH, if I wrote one it would be worse. Can you beleive there's WORSE?? Sad... I know. So... awaiting the time you SUPRA (hinthint) Blog-in...