Monday, January 5, 2009

Is Light Skin the Right Skin?

Recently I was at a small get together at a friend of a friend’s house (really small, 7 women, 3 fellas) when the topic of interracial dating came up. Not just interracial dating but specifically men who like to date white women, and women with lighter skin complexion and “good” hair (I put “good” in quotations because that can be interpreted differently from person to person). Coincidentally all of the women there were dark skinned and honestly I can say 4 of them were really attractive to me. I asked “ladies! If you happen to see a brother walking down the street with a white woman, how would you react?”

Aaaww man! Yall should have seen the scornful eyes! One of them responded “I would want to throw up!”. Another said “that would be a damned shame”… I asked “a damned shame. Really?”...

She responded “ yea, I would feel like we lost another brother to the other side, besides Black guys only date white women because its easier to do and they don’t have to deal with our attitudes!”.. So I said in an antagonizing voice “well maybe yall should tone the attitudes down a little!”.. Of course I was just playing devils advocate and it didn’t end there.

To make a long story short, and minus the alcohol…The overall theme was that lighter skinned women along with white women usually get more attention from men. Me personally I am a fan of women and if your beautiful and sexy (inside and out, oh yea and between the heights of 5’2 – 5’10, and nice and curvy) you’d probably catch my eye. Just like the song said “I like em brown, black, Puerto Rican, or Asian”…

So what do you guys think? Is light skin the right skin? Do you feel like lighter skinned women/ white women get more attention then darker women?


  1. im real interested to get to see the responces to this. i being a white woman who dates black men, deal with the attitude oh we lost another one. first hand i disagree on the whole attitude cus im jus as bigga bitch as the next one and dont put up with shit, nor am i anymore catering than should be and men still stick around. i believe its all about personal preference. i have friends that date all races because when it comes down to it we are all mixed with something, thats what makes this world so beautiful

  2. i'm a brown skinned chick and i think i get enough attention, it's all about how you carry yourself. and i don't have time to be worried about white girls "stealing men", that's not going to get me a man any quicker, it just makes me look like a hater, lol.

  3. I'm BRIGHT skinned or Honey Cocoa Brown as I say and very curvy. Now, some of them curves might not be in the right places but... they are there. AHAHAHAHAHHAAAAAAAAAA!!

    For real, I've always attracted men and some DUDs too. The cute, to me, guys thought I was not pretty enough and the DUDs thought I was hot shyt. If I EVER get the nerve to show my pic, maybe you'll agree... who knows. I can say I think I look a WHOLE heap better age wise then a lot of women younger than me. I am a 60's child and these 70/80 kids look old as shyt. Baby Mommas especially. No offense but I'm between DC and B-more, so I get to see a HELLA mixture.

  4. Ok so I'm a Black woman first and foremost who just happens to have a light complexion and personally it doesn't bother me to see an interracial couple. I live in DC so i see that quite often ;-) I try not to think of it as a "they're stealing our men" type of thing, I mean bc honestly, he really wasn't "ours" to begin with.

    But being a lighter skinned female, I think that initially in some cases I do get approached by dudes a tad bit more then my friends, bit I think its just a personal preference type of thing. I know brothas that like light skinned females, brown skinned, and dark skinned women. I agree with A.R. it is about how you carry yourself, your complexion is really a least to some dudes anyway ;-)

  5. yeh thats tru its all about how u carry yourself, the skin complexion doesnt always make the person

  6. i can't speak for anyone else but i am the product of an interracial marriage and therefore cannot hate on it or HELLO--i wouldn't be here! lol

    i think that a lot of times we as people get too caught up in what other people are doing with their lives and that we can truly find happiness by focusing my on our personal goals and wishes as far as building a family is concerned... anyone has the right and God given will to date who they want--i feel like, why are we making such a big deal about their race if they are happy?

    the skin complexion thing is a whole notha conversation, all i know is i'm light bright and damned near and i don't have a husband so the shit may get me some play but it damn sure don't keep a man... we can all use different excuses as to why we aren't boo'd up but complexion shouldn't be one of them--i know plenty of my chocolate brown sistas that PULL them some brothers on the daily and they went ahead and settled down and got married, bottom line--there are some men who i find attractive who want themselves a big-girl, there are some who want a chocolate gir, there are some who want an asian girl--at the end of the day that just means he ain the one for ME... and that is A-okay cuz there are possibly some guys out there who find me attractive and they aren't my first choice--shit happens

  7. I love Chocolate Sistas but I could never pull em but light Sistas of all varieties always seemed to dig me. I love them too but I always had a special place for the Chocolate Ladies.

  8. Some of my main people are light brights. And I rock with an eclectic group of individuals. From short to tall, large to small, blue black to pale; we all get our fair share of guys.

  9. i hate seeing white women with black men...
    but then again my man is mexican... is that bad? lol
    i just hate that crap...

  10. I just think it's a matter of preference. My homegirl who is chocolate colored seems to get the most looks because she has the biggest booty!