Sunday, December 21, 2008

You have this Preconditioned mind set.

(written sometime in the year 2005)

You See, you have this preconditioned mindset.

Almost like its a challenge.. this .... this... man, woman thing.. This.. I like you, let me see if you like me, and hopefully you do..... thing..

this ...this... if you do, then maybe we could be.. something beautiful .... thing..

But thats the thing.. You're afraid.. afraid of this thing that can chase all your demons away. It may be too powerful for you.

It may be too powerful for me, but ,maybe we should give into this thing we fear most. Let go of all our insecurities. Let go of the steering wheel and see what happens.

I would like to be able to live life like I only have 2 weeks to live, really live and not sweat the petty things.. never look back, love unconditionally and laugh incontrollably... sigh... that would be bliss..

You see, you have this preconditioned mindset. as if you're suppossed to be miserable, as if you're suppossed to be mistreated. No!.. open your eyes and know that you are a queen.. Come here, let me hold you.. caress you, .. kiss you... play with your hair.. massage you..

Doesnt it feel good?. I want to make you feel good. All the time.. because you're special.. I would like to change your mindset. That preconditioned madness..

I want to love you..


  1. yeh man,that was poppin,very deep, this is a demonstration of what a man should be thinking, and doing. nice to see we're not the last of a dying breed.

    good stuff,and thanks for yurr comment.

  2. If you wrote that, YOU ARE DEEP!! I like what you had to say and I hope you keep writing PERIOD!!

  3. nice i like this.... i think that this is sooo very true, but most women are just afraid of getting hurt they aren't sure what to do or what not to do.... keep writing and happy holidays!