Saturday, December 27, 2008

Why Are You Really Upset....

Come on, now answer this question as honestly as possible. Why are you really upset? Is it really because you know it wouldn't be able to work?

Or, is it because she doesn't want YOU anymore?

(and YOU, as in who you are, who you've become on the inside/ what you appear to be on the outside doesn't matter)

Is it because you wanted her to be the love of your life, and through all the turmoil, in the end you would only destroy each other, rather than build each other up?

(Destroy each other like mortal enemies, destroying each other internally.. spiritually tearing each others souls apart)...

Or, is it because she's no longer there to stroke your ego.. to comfort you .. there on call, ready willing and able to comfort you whenever your dealing with any mental duress....?

(support me babe, I'm calling you to hear me out)

Why are you really upset? Be honest.

Late at night, what's bothering you?.. The fact that no one is there to speak to you on the level of consciousness only two cosmic beings can relate to?

Or, the fact that she doesn't WANT TO anymore.. You must love rejection, no? So why are you really upset then?

I know why you're upset. love brings change. You've been changed. You have to change back to how you were before. Before you were softened up.. Your too sweet, like that rock candy. Sure you'll get sucked on, but after a while its annoying, and you have to get spat out.

No but seriously, and I'll ask one more time... why are you really upset?..



Oh, I know why?

It's alright, cope .. the feelings are natural. the feelings of "want", and "need"... take them in. Use them to help make you stronger. Reflect, relax and reflect. Use them to build the impenetrable force that is ultimately you. Unbreakable.. thats what you are.. Learn. Add more knowledge.

Well, now you know.. and its fuel now, so use it to drive you beyond measure..

Beyond measure.