Tuesday, December 23, 2008

To Artina

To Artina:

I will take your heart

I will take your soul out of your body

As though I were God.

I will not be satisfied

With the little words you say to me.

I will not be satisfied

With the touch of your hand

Nor the sweet of your lips alone.

I will take your heart for mine.

I will take your soul.

I will be God when it comes to you.

-Langston Hughes

(Whats your interpretation of this poem?)


  1. to me: i will take care of you, emotionally, physically... i will always be there... my interpretation

  2. OC!!! How are you!?

    Someone actually sent me this poem. And I took it to mean that the physical, the sexual, isn't even enough. He wants her, loves her, so much he wants to own her, wants her very soul. And when the man gave me this poem, there was something achingly, hauntingly, disturbingly, sexy about it.

  3. Nah, this poem is about oppression and how white america has not only enslaved, raped and imprisoned black america, but has taken everything...