Sunday, December 21, 2008

Snow Flakes; written 12/16/08

Today as I left a hospital in Manhattan it started to snow. I've always liked the snow. Growing up, I always associated it with this time of the year. Christmas and the end of the year. Every once in a while I stop to take in the beauty of things and as I stood on the corner of 17th street and 1st avenue I realized that the flakes gradually became larger and larger. Each snow flake was exaggerated in its beauty. Some of them seemed filled with sadness and as they floated slowly to the ground they weeped. They did not fall abrubtly to the ground without any regard... As if a higher power wanted to place them gently onto the earth. And I noticed each snowflake stuck to the ground and did not melt... When I started to walk to my car I noticed the snowfall began to get more and more violent. Each flake wasn't as exaggerated, and I wasn't able to make them out. They were small microchips of confusion. When they hit they ground it was almost as if each one died.. They did not care anymore and wanted to be thrown to their demise, and as they hit the ground,



  1. Welcome to the world of Blogging. And if this is a newer Blog vs brand new, then I look forward to seeing what you have to say, no matter. That was a deep perception of snow that I can appreciate. I'm sure I'll remember it when it snows here in MD... no time soon I hope.

    Have a great one!!

  2. i'm your first follower... congrats on feeling free to open up to writing and sharing

  3. This one caught my eye... I'm not into sports. I felt your emotion when you said the snowflake died... Awww

    lol I'm so corny