Friday, February 27, 2009


Now, a lot of people dont like soulja boy. And honestly, I hadn't.. But when I found out that him and his friends wrote and produced their music out of his house, I developed I knew found respect for him. We have to admit, he did reach a certain level of popularity ON HIS OWN ( and of course with the use of Youtube).

This song inspires me almost every morning. To me, it means just being happy. You are the ultimate decision maker when it come to your happiness. And when you wake up in the morning, feel good about yourself and be enthusiastic about the day. Me personally, My attitude dictates whether or not my day will end well, and when I say end well, I mean make any money.. I work and get spaid straight commission. Yep, so every morning I turn my swag on and get prepared to overcome any objection I may come up on during the day. Remembering any technical information someone my inquire on. But, everymorning when I turn my swag on I know I have what it takes to crush the competition. Come out on top and be number one.. Fellas, turn your swag on. Ladies.. Turn your swag on.. seize the day. You can have it all.. But for me personally... THE WORLD IS NOT ENOUGH!!!..

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  1. He still sucks......I like "kiss me"....:O