Sunday, February 8, 2009



This morning I woke up and I was still stuck in this damn bottle..

When I look out the Glass I can see "esoog yerg" stained on it. And I'm trapped.

I want to leave on my own but my mind is influenced by the contents I'm swimming in..

I can't think straight, my body feels heavy. And I just need to sit down for a moment......

Inside this bottle I have the ability to do whatever I like.

Under its influence PEOPLE have done whatever is considered taboo..

And cast the blame on its sweet liquid goodness...

I would like to escape, if rubbed right by the right sensual lady..

Escape to fulfill most of her fantasies and wildest dreams..

Too bad she probably won't remember me in the morning........

And I'll find myself stuck again..

In this damn bottle..


  1. AHAHAAAAAAAAA, that was so damn funny CH. You really know how to master that writing style of yours to fit whatever be the subject. Know what, I do not ever recall having tasted GG. I really don't think I have but... if it leaves me like THAT... maybe I should pass since there's SEEMINGLY no man on the front of that bottle to cozy up to, while inside of course. (CUL)

  2. Thanks! lol.. if you ever do get the chance..just take a lil sippy sip with some

  3. This was good....)